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Welcome to my vain page.....


 I could have written something meaningful to contribute to the universe with this page, but instead I decided to be vain and write about me, me and no one else..Bwahaha !

...And so, I shall begin babbling....

There isn't much about myself save for the fact, that people like dragging me away from the computers, in order for me to have a social life. How dare they. The nerve of some people....But I have no problem meeting new friends, either human or the way, if you have a spaceship parked somewhere, let's talk.

 My vital statistics are:

  Carbon-based, over 21 yrs old,5'4", one hundred and something-lbs., black hair, light brown eyes, and the best way to describe my skin tone is a butterscotch sorta comes from being enriched with a mixed heritage going back to the 1400's. I'm a mix of French, Caribbean native and European Spaniard. That, and also I speak several languages, giving me an accent, so first thing people asks me is "where are you from?"---I'm an American girl...

What I do, has changed over the years. It's not that Im an unstable person, but rather I have changed with the times. Although my primary field of study has always been science, a long time ago I was in the law enforcement field, then went into engineering, now Im back to being an athlete as I was in High school.

 My hobbies: I like to read, and read a lot--mostly scientific journals (physics), sociology papers, and a few technology-related articles i run into. Im also an amateur astronomer ( Click here to VISIT MY ASTRO PAGE !); I rather watch videos at home than go to the movies, listen to music, chat in the internet, hang out with friends, (click here to see some of my cooking ). I used to travel frequently, but now when I do travel, its mostly to events and competitions.

 I like: honest people, cartoons, good coffee ice cream, being silly in general, 75F degree temperatures, my friends (old & new), excellent guitar riffs, good news, laughing and long weekends.

Fitness: I am a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist; I like running around. I do stuff  from 3 mile races, duathlons to triathlon competitions. Click here to check it out.

I hate: driving, cranky people, car commercials, salespeople, Volkswagens { old and new ones }, failed plans, CYBERSEX, people who send me private messages while in a chat room, needles, and people who lie. Horror movies--they bore me.

Favorite movies: Back to the future, MIB, the trek movies & episodes, Ghostbusters, the matrix ( of course ), A night at the Roxbury, my new favorite, " unbreakable" and the assorted sappy movies I won't indulge in.


My Idol johnny.jpg (70122 bytes) yeah, am a Johnny Bravo groupie


~~~~Words of wisdom~~~~

 ** never believe "muscular-blond-blue eyes-6ft tall guys" in the net ( usually they are fat disgusting, balding middle aged slobs, with 2.5 kids and wife looking like medusa )

** always ask for their blood type and last rabies' shots...

** never cross the would be bad.

** never ask God for I.D.


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This is a picture of my favorite band: X-Japan ( The picture above, is them).

for those who aren't "net savvy", click on the underlined text to go to that link

Click here to see more boring crap about me

  Excerpts from "The world is Not Flat"

Proud participant of 
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Hope you enjoy my page, as much as I enjoyed making it, and I will try to update it often

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